12 Controversial Essay Topics Related To Environment And Humanity

This motivational article deals with a creative approach towards preparing, planning and writing essays related to no less than twelve controversial essay topics all related to the environment and humanity. In dealing with this creative aspect, the emphasis is placed on suggesting invigorating research topics and writing ideas.

This ideas list is categorized evenly between the environment and the humanities as two separate sub-genres within broad fields of academic studies across the sciences. Please note that the suggested topics below have all been listed randomly, in no particular order, to help you develop your own creative nous and exercise the creative license you have been given here. Essentially, at this stage, it does not matter whether topics have been assigned to you or have been afforded to explore your own topics.

Environment topics

  1. The continuous use of plastics – Correlate this problem with human habits not easily broken.
  2. Mercury content in sea water fish – An ironic conundrum because of the healthy content of Omega 3 fatty acids.
  3. Shale gas options – No matter how it is promoted, it is still extremely harmful to the environment.
  4. The use of water – Resources are scarce no matter on which side of the earth’s hemispheres you are living.
  5. Transport habits – Even with sustainable transport options in place, humans are still far too reliant on conventional carbon emitting methods of driving.
  6. Researching extreme weather patterns and temperatures – Get to the bottom of the scientific evidence.

The humanities

  1. The issues of sex and slavery – Do a take on exploitation across the board.
  2. Why are race and racism still a problematic issue? – Even with legislation in place, try to find out why this big issue remains a problem.
  3. How to vote pragmatically and with a conscience – A worthwhile topic to explore in an election year.
  4. How religion and science should converge – Investigate the evidence that suggests that science is influenced by religion.
  5. Research the Gini-coefficient scale – Inequality across the board remains a huge problem.
  6. Is the unemployment rate really dropping? – Discuss and debate the spurious nature of these economic statistics.

This article presents students, regardless of what field of studies they are specifically dealing with, a host of research and writing ideas about the context of the environment and humanity. We sincerely hope that you are going to enjoy this rewarding creative approach to researching and writing up your own unique essay topic.