10 Great Topics For Creating A Successful Essay On Nature

There is no doubt that writing a great essay requires a lot of hard work and research skills. Obviously, there are some people who are really talented in writing these things and they don’t really help. However, not many people can claim they can do that. Writing on nature in particular would be a rather difficult task. That’s why I have written this guide to help you and inspire your brilliant mind!

Global warming

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you – a great essay topic on nature would be to talk about global warming. As you know, the earth is getting hotter and hotter every year and it has huge implications to our ecosystem. Your job is to find out the effects and how we can stop it.

Protection of nature

As the human world is developing so quickly, we are actually destroying the natural habitats of other creatures as well. Is that the only way we could develop or are there any other alternatives? In addition, do you think it is ethical to do this?

Carbon dioxide

This is related to global warming, but you can definitely talk about the implications of the production of carbon dioxide (the excess production of it!).


The ocean plays a huge role in our lives. So what do we actually do to sustain it? Obviously it would be a great topic to discover how everything works!


Farming is not only growing vegetation, it could also include cattle farming as well. However this is rather damaging to the environment (think of all the greenhouse gases produced in the process). Discuss the implications of this in your essay.


The ozone layer above Australia was once damaged. Although it has recovered since, could we guarantee that this does not happen in the future again?


How do we protect the landscape? Do you think the current environment would harm it? Another great topic for your essay to discuss about!

Compare different countries

Obviously different countries have different definition of ‘nature’ and their view on it. Do a comparison essay on it and see what you can find out.

Environmental organisations

This is a rather interesting topic; discuss how these organisations are making a difference nowadays.

Your views on it

A simple yet effective topic would be to talk about your personal views. Obviously this has to be backed up by evidence as well!

Future plans on the nature

Research on the current plans on how we are going to protect the nature – it might be difficult to do, but it certainly is a great topic!