Creating An Expository Essay: 10 Strong Thesis Statement Examples

The purpose of an expository essay is to introduce and explain a new topic to the readers. If you are assigned to create this type of paper, you will need to pay special attention to your thesis statement. It should be clear and exact. If your thesis isn’t strong, your whole paper will nit be taken seriously.

Here are some samples of good thesis statements for this kind of essay:

  1. Lentils include many nutrients that are important for your health.
  2. In order to make good wedding pictures, one needs to prepare beforehand.
  3. The Statue of Liberty is the poster sign of American democracy.
  4. Religious persecution carried out by the members of Spanish Inquisition used torture to get confessions out of the suspects.
  5. The Boston Tea Party was a significant act of civil disobedience that played an important part in the history of America.
  6. The invention of the Internet changed the modes of communication all over the world and allowed for globalization to progress.
  7. Steam engines allowed people to travel much faster, which immediately reflected on business and led to the establishment of many new settlements.
  8. The free time of an average high school student is spent studying, surfing the Web, and socializing.
  9. Removing standardized tests from school curriculum will have positive effect on children and their studies.
  10. College students get too much homework.

The most important requirement you have to consider when developing a thesis statement for an expository paper is logic. The claim you make must not be outlandish or extreme. Remember, it’s not an opinion that you should present in this paper but a fact. Your research must supply you with some rock solid evidence to support this claim. Therefore, you should never use the words like “I suppose”, “I believe”, or “I guess”.

You also shouldn’t use emotional epithets, like “most important”, “unjust”, “imperative”, etc. They add an emotional hue to the statement that should be based on logic and evidence. These words actually make your thesis sentence weaker, which will reflect on the way the readers perceive your work.

Even if the research you present in the paper will be excellent, your audience can be prejudiced against is after reading a weak thesis statement. It’s never a good idea to embellish an academic paper with epithets as they take the edge off the evidence you present. The only exception to this rule is narrative essays where creating a vivid picture is one of your main objectives.