Ideas For A Synthesis Essay – 20 Questions You Can Explore

A synthesis essay is a challenge like no other type of essay. Yes it has the fundamentals of the structure of an introduction, the main body paragraphs and then the conclusion. But the challenge comes in connecting the different works or parts of your work in such a way that they support the argument you develop about the topic.

So we always go back to the important point of choosing a topic which you like or have some background in. Once you settle on the topic you then have to decide on your thesis statement or the major claim you will make about this topic.

Once that has been achieved you then need to look for a connection between a variety of points all of which when strung together will add great weight to your argument. It can be very satisfying when you pull off a well written synthesis essay. Get the topic right. Get the thesis statement right. And then do your research coming up with a variety of points all of which have to be related one to the other in some way.

Here is a list of 20 synthesis essay topics. Remember that it's possible to be inspired by looking at the topic. It's possible for the topic to trigger an idea or approach that best suits your interests and talents. Just because there isn't a topic below which perfectly fits your scenario, use one which appeals to brainstorming and thus to find your own specific topic.

  1. What do mean by zero tolerance?
  2. How harmful are violent images to the human mind?
  3. What are the benefits from becoming a volunteer?
  4. Is the death penalty truly effective?
  5. Why does humankind not stop going to war?
  6. What is the American Dream and is it attainable?
  7. Should students be compelled to wear school uniforms?
  8. What is the best play or novel you have encountered and why?
  9. Why has terrorism become such an international activity?
  10. Can video games ever be harmful?
  11. Daylight saving is bad for business.
  12. What is the purpose of poetry and should it be studied in schools?
  13. Is global warming real and why do many people deny its existence?
  14. Space exploration is a waste of money.
  15. How can the world eradicate poverty?
  16. How can the world eradicate hunger and famine?
  17. What is the purpose of racial profiling?
  18. How has technology helped in the solving of crime?
  19. Is genealogy important?
  20. Does it matter if plant and animal species die out?