Nine Interesting Topic Ideas For Creating A Good Cause Effect Essay

A cause-effect essay needs to present a certain issue, which is the cause, and the consequences of it, which is the effect. This can be adapted to any subject, even if you want to approach social studies or biology. The key is to find the ideal connection between the two elements and to make sure they are real and compatible. If the information is somehow vague or doubtful, the entire essay will be destroyed. We gathered nine interesting topic ideas for your essay:

  1. Discrimination- This is a present problem in almost any society. The effects of this can be devastating not for individuals, but for the entire community. Use some local examples to support your paper.
  2. Pollution- You need to describe the most significant effects of pollution. Describe how this will damage our planet in short and long term.
  3. Excessive hunting- Sadly, the damages made by this practice are very visible since many animal species get extinct day by day.
  4. Severe parenting- Studies have shown that the more strict parents are, the more rebel and insecure children will be.
  5. The promotion of fast food- This is, unfortunately, one of the leading causes of obesity in the modern society. Not only that adults are consuming it, but they accept for children to do it. In this way, they will grow up with the wrong idea about a balanced diet.
  6. Poverty- Many kids who have the potential to become successful adults fail in their life because they lack in financial support. Some of them will choose an illegal path to increase their income.
  7. Noise pollution- In the big cities it is almost impossible to find a moment of peace without the sound of cars or people. Even if we got used to it, this could have dangerous effects on our health and mood.
  8. Stress- This can be considered a cause or an effect. Describe the worst consequences that stress can have over an average teenager. Also, bring solutions that can help other young people relax and regain control over their life.
  9. Music and movies- Even if it does not seem like an important matter, the illegal downloading of music from the internet can have severe effects on the music industry. Even more, when people download a movie instead of buying it, the producers will gradually decrease the quality because they have no funds to produce something good. This is why today we have so many movies that are focusing on non-important, superficial matters.