The Basics Of Writing A Response To Literature Essay

A response to literature essay is very easy to do when you have taken the correct steps to prepare yourself. This article will contain plenty of useful piece of advice that can be implemented in your response piece. You might even find yourself enjoying the work, because you have taken the time to prepare yourself well. Therefore, read on for some top tips on how to write the response to a literature essay:

  • Thesis statement: you have to create a thesis statement that will have the aim of tackling a single aspect of the literature. It will be the thing that the examiner will look out for in the introduction stage of your project. It only has to be a sentence long and it must be concise. If it is then it can very easily be understood.
  • Characters: you have to ensure that you understand the different characters in the book. The deeper you are able to understand the characters, the better you analysis of them will be. You can mention what characters you liked and what ones you did not like.
  • Language: you could mention the language that was used in the book and what you thought of it. Some books are easier to read than others and commenting on the quality of the wording is something that you can do. Just be aware that some time period books can be quite hard to read and for that reason deserve special consideration.
  • Read several times: it will help you if you have taken the time to read the book that you are basing your project on several times. As you being to read more than once you will begin to pick up on a few little things that can make all of the difference for your project. At times getting the top grade is all about picking up on the little details.
  • Chapters: you have note down the chapters that you thought are of special importance. Some chapters add more value to a story than other ones and commenting on how they create the book will be the right thing to do. You also have to consider the many different paragraphs that should deserve a special mention in your project.