Good Suggestions On How To Find A Compare And Contrast Essay Sample

  • The Great News About Comparison/Contrast Essays
  • I would like you to note above how I used a slash between comparison and contrast essays. This is because, as a freshman, I thought you were supposed to compare and contrast two things within the same essay. However, instead of this you choose to either compare (emphasizes the similarities between things, ideas, persons—anything), while contrast essays focuses upon differences.

    The reason you don’t want to commit to both comparing and contrasting in the same essay is because it yields a back and forth, seesaw kind of structure.

  • Examples are Key With This Essay
  • One of the best ways to learn is through example and demonstration via video or in person.

  • Use Textbooks to Your Advantage When Finding Sample Essays
  • Often, professors are allowed to choose their own textbooks, and hence, the library will often have a copy available of these textbooks for students to check out who, perhaps, cannot afford a textbook. Ask your librarian how to find different editions for freshmen English courses, which often feature fabulous examples of each genre of essay, from comparison/contrast to argumentative/persuasive, to expository essays.

  • Ask Your Instructor
  • Most likely, your instructor has kept copies of past student papers that really impressed him or her. Ask your instructor if he/she has a great sample comparison or contrast essay you can read as a great example, promising them that plagiarism is not on your mind, but inspiration is!

  • Ask Librarians and Teachers If They Know of Other Resources Online
  • You might want to also ask your instructor where you might find other example essays. Often there are online resources in the library you can use that have sample student essays from different textbooks

  • Use Search Engines and YouTube To Find Great Samples
  • YouTube often features English instructors from all over the globe who share their insights into mastering the essay. Search engines will feature both educational sites with samples and instruction as well.

  • My Favorite Way to Find Fantastic Sample Essays: Find Contest Winners
  • Into the best search engines you can find, search with terms such as “State Essay Winners Comparison and Contrast Essays.” Or, you can input “National Contest winners and Comparison and Contrast Essays. Experiment with search terms. You do not have to use the words state or national in your search string. Simply use “contest winning comparison and contrast essays” as well.