10 Good Ideas To Come Up With Psychology Essay Topics

The study of the mind has many facets to explore, each of which can yield a variety of successful essay topics. But what makes a psychology essay topic good?

  • It should be theoretically sound. If you write on a topic but it is in disagreement with every other theory in existence, you’d better be doing a doctorate and have invested time and money into supporting research.
  • It should be interesting. Whoever is correcting your essay has also had to correct several others written in a similar vein. Selecting a topic that leaves room for interesting interpretation will lead to a more interesting essay.
  • It should be stylistically inspired. If you write with style that ties together all the pieces and lets your essay reach greatness.

The following list contains essay topics that fit that bill:

  1. How has the work of Jung been inspired by his work with Shamanic societies worldwide?
  2. In what ways have the works of Sigmund and Anna Freud influenced the concept of sexuality in modern society?
  3. How has the work of the extended Freud family been used in the creation of propaganda’s milder cousin “Public relations”?
  4. Compare Erikson’s theory of development with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  5. How can Zimbardo’s theory of bad barrels leading to bad deeds be put to use in the reduction of bullying and hazing rituals?
  6. To what extent can an internal locus of control counteract the effects of being born in abject poverty?
  7. How is the perception of reality influenced by frequent immersion in alternate worlds through Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)?
  8. To what extent are persons suffering from mental illness treated with dignity in developing countries?
  9. How do people who are aging respond to their altered position in society?
  10. What psychological response is observable in poultry headed to slaughter able to witness other livestock dying?

There are topics on this list that are fairly commonplace in their direction while others venture into sociology and even animal psychology. There’s something for everyone. If you truly want to be original, remember that the majority of psychological research for nearly a century was done on populations that were not representative of the majority of the world’s population. Consider cultural diversity and differences of income and gender. When all of these are added your essay will be highly original.