How To Select Good Process Analysis Essay Topics

Typically, process essays are the easiest of all essays to write. For one thing, it is easy to get paper length out of a process essay. Why? Because telling someone how to do something and how to do it right, will it not take many many paragraphs that you can super-lengthen with even more steps.

These Can Be Fun

In fact, make the essay even more easy to write and even very fun to write, what you can do is pick something fun you love to do and all the tricks to doing it that no one else knows (you can invent a lot here and this takes up space!

For example, I know how to make these fancy egg ornaments where you have to blow out the egg, dry it, paint it, and then you make a little scene inside with very small, glittery pictures of houses from Christmas cards to put inside like a little scene in a snow globe.

Or you might know how to make a homemade cake, a gingerbread house, spaghetti, a fancy pizza—homemade ravioli – or what I know from personal experience – a dessert which is very complicated – baklava – and you know how to do it well, your reader will appreciate the information and might want to go try it for themselves.

If you know how to knit or crochet—be careful-your reader doesn’t want all your “knit one and purl two” directions. You have to be able to make it academic and essay like.

You can even do something with sports like “how to improve your basketball playing, skateboarding, how to do different figures when you ice skate- Or you can direct the essay toward things that involve more than just one person—how to beat someone at chess, poker, billiards – anything goes.

A process essay, as you’ll learn, is just a how to essay. And you cannot get easier than that. Make sure your structure is right – introduction with an “I’m gong to tell you how to make/play/improve/etc… ,” body explanatory steps, and a conclusion.

Eight Sample Topics

  1. How to Build Your Own Website
  2. How to Twitter with style
  3. How to use your facebook page to make money
  4. How to Set Up Your Linked in Page Correctly
  5. How to Write a Great Resume
  6. How to Improve Your Math Grades
  7. How to Kit Baby Booties
  8. How to Make Christmas Cookies