Evaluation Essays: 15 Outstanding Topics

An evaluation essay can be in MLA or APA style. The essay should establish some subject criteria and then it should judge or evaluate the topic using these criteria. You have to be able to analyze and to understand each side and then make a judgment. Your evidence must support the decision you make about the subject. Fifteen sample topics are:

Fifteen Outstanding Sample Topics

  1. The movie Frozen-was it the best animated cartoon ever produced by Disney
  2. The best quarterback ever-who is it and why
  3. The best Shakespeare play was…pick one and then support why
  4. Any book can be written about-compare two
  5. Any sport can be written about-compare two
  6. Any celebrity can be written about
  7. Any official act or law can be evaluated and written about
  8. The best sport is…versus the other sports
  9. The favorite American sport is…
  10. The best car ever produced is the…
  11. The best phone is the…
  12. When you want to eat seafood, or barbecue, or steak, or sushi…. you should go to what restaurant
  13. Is baseball better in person or while watching television
  14. Evaluate your community’s local football, baseball, soccer, or gymnastics program
  15. My college team is better than your college team because….

The Steps to the Essay

As you ready yourself to complete this piece, use our easy to understand instructions listed here. Follow all grammar rules and teacher instructions. Also make sure you meet your deadlines.

  • Pick a topic to evaluate, pick a subject you like
  • Compose your thesis statement, you can pick the amount of main ideas you wish to include
  • Explain or define your subject completely
  • Select and then sate the criteria you will use for evaluation
  • Analyze and then critique the criteria that you picked
  • Make sure you proved appropriate and adequate support for your determination
  • Always proof the paper and add any extra support where the paper is weak

This style of essay will tell whether the subject is average, good, equal, bad, better, or the absolute best in existence to another subject. Evaluation essays can best be compared to reviews of sports, items, players, movies, festivals, products, or people. The next time you are assigned one select one of our quality topics and then proceed to use our step-by-step instructions. Using these guides will help you write your absolute best paper.