How To Create An Effective Psychological Cause And Effect Essay

If you are tasked with writing a psychological cause and effect essay you might wonder how to create an effective psychological cause and effect essay.

This process requires you to present either a cause or an effect based on what your teacher requires. Your teacher may specify one over the other, or you may have the choice to decide yourself. You do not necessarily have to write both a cause and effect, but more often than not, either a cause or an effect.

It starts with picking a topic. If you have the freedom to select a topic, you need to brainstorm. When you are searching for topics there are other things you can do to help brainstorm.

  • One of the things you can do is to go back and review all of the readings that you have for your class. Look over things that you recently read not just in school for this class but in other classes. If you review chapter notes for previously written topics and papers you might find something that is of interest to you which you can use for this assignment.
  • Think over topics that you tend to argue about at home with friends and family. These tend to make the most passionate topics for writing assignments. You can also review current newspapers in search of potential topics. Alternative methods include looking over recent films that you have watched all books that you have read for inspiration. For example: if you watched a documentary on sugar and food manufacturing you might be able to use the information as a starting off point for a paper that focuses on the detrimental effects of increased sugar consumption among children.

Once you have selected your topic is time to begin taking notes. Your notes should begin by listing all of the things you know about the topic already and all of things that you still need to find out. For example : if you choose to write about the detrimental effects that increased sugar consumption has on children and development you should list what things children need for proper development and what the detrimental effects are of sugar. If you do not have the answers to questions like these and need to discover them when you begin your research. Knowing what questions you need to answer gives you a wonderful starting off point from which to begin heavy library research.