How To Write A Good Art Essay In No Time: Learning The Basics

Art is as intriguing as you can ever come across. There are those who say art is for those with an exemplary way of seeing things, while others believe that art manifests in any form. Whichever school of thought you subscribe to, writing an art essay is something that art students have to go through from time to time. This gives them a challenge to take a break from their normal artistic projects, and to put their concepts in statement form. Writing a good art essay can be very easy when you know how to go about it. Here are some basics to get you through:


At the core of an art essay lies an innate sense of creativity. More often than not the markers will not even be looking at anything else other than how creative you can be. It is all about putting down on paper that which you see, and trying to justify it with your own words.

For artists or art students who are used to crafts, it can be quite a challenge trying to conceptualize and put in writing what they are looking at because in most cases for them, this is a foreign concept altogether. Since the essential task here is for you to use your words to put an explanation to images, you have to embrace your inner creative mind to help you get through this.

Types of art writings

Sylvan Barnet once exemplified five different types of art papers. By understanding these types of writings, you can easily come to understand what is required of you, and how to go about it. These types of writing are:

  • Sociological essay
  • Image writing (iconography)
  • Formal analysis
  • Biographical essay
  • Iconological essay (the study of an image)

Preparation for the essay

To prepare you for the essay writing task, first you must examine the medium that is to be studied. Try and understand why the artist selected the particular medium over all the others, with an emphasis on the advantages and disadvantages if any.

Look at the lines; here you will need to deduce whether thick or light lines were used, whether they are running horizontally or vertically, whether they are curved or straight lines and most importantly if this choice of lines brings with it a specific goal.

With these simple basic ideas, you are in a good position to write an awesome art essay that will definitely earn you good marks.