Beginning A Profile Essay: 5 Things To Avoid

The basic need of a student is to know all the details and things to avoid while writing an essay. One should not walk blindfolded as it would ultimately lead to a distorted writing without a meaningful outcome.

What is a profile essay?

The main thing about a profile essay is that you need to have the most two important capabilities, power and observation. One having these two will succeed in writing any form of profile write up. It can be about a place or a person or it might be about an event. The main thing that you need to understand is that it is not similar to a descriptive write up; it is much more than that and to write a perfect one, you need to know the basic things. Especially you need to know the things to avoid.

5 things to avoid when you are beginning a profile essay:

Well one must be aware of all the mistakes which we usually unknowingly make while beginning a profile write up. Without being aware of those facts one can never succeed in coming up with a perfect beginning and if it has no perfect beginning then readers will never be attracted to read the later part.

  • The first and the foremost thing are to choose a perfect topic to write upon. Avoid dull boring topics else your introduction will be boring too and ultimately leading to a bad write up. If you choose a cliché topic then you will have a trouble beginning the work.
  • Don’t go for such a beginning that the readers fall asleep. You need to create the beginning as interesting as possible. The more interesting it will be more people will be reading your work. A morning show the day is a common proverb and the introduction here for you is the morning where essay is the entire day.
  • Avoid providing too many facts in your introduction. If you give in all that you have in your first beginning paragraph then there will be nothing interesting left for the next paragraphs. Readers will get bored.
  • Avoid being too clichéd about particular rules to follow. Write with your own mentality and try to be calm in your approach. You will come up with a nice introduction.
  • The beginning should give you the entire peek on the insight so that it can create a great interest amongst your readers. If you provide nothing interesting there then readers won’t be attracted to read any further.