Finding Interesting Essay Topics About Gadgets: Tips And Examples

Technology rapidly changes, and every year breakthroughs are made which make some gadgets obsolete since better versions are released. There are many essay topics to write about gadgets, and here are some tips and examples you can use to base your essay on.


There are a plethora of topics to discuss and write for an essay based around gadgets. Gadgets have been around since the time of antiquity, some of which scientists still haven’t figured out! Due to the wide and varied history, you can discuss the past and how they their use has changed throughout history.

Gadgets are also constantly evolving, and every new gadget is heralded as the new benchmark of technology. This can lead to an essay discussion on some gadgets in the past that were released and touted for greatness but ultimately fell well short of the mark. Currently there are many gadgets that are popular amongst both children and adults, and you can discuss these and their potential implications on society and possibly health. You can also discuss current gadgets in production for the future, and the future of gadgets as a whole, and what some people think they will be in the years to come. The following is a list of examples:

  • History of gadgets
  • Gadgets and their uses
  • Current trending gadgets on the market
  • Most popular gadgets of the year
  • Potential future gadgets
  • How gadgets can help improve your life
  • Gadgets with health concerns
  • How much of a role gadgets play in advancing technology
  • Which gadgets changed technology forever
  • How gadgets have evolved

Constructing Essay

When you have found a topic you feel comfortable writing about, you have to construct your essay so that it is clear for the reader to follow and read. It is pivotal that you include links to current research and current news stories, as readers will want to be aware of the current state of the industry. Your layout should also follow a clear path such as:

  • Introduction
  • Main body of text – this is where your research and current trends should go
  • Conclusion – sum up the essay and finish strongly.

Remember to remain on topic, and to not be side tracked by discussing something irrelevant to the essay.

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