Avoiding Common Mistakes When Writing A Reflective Essay For High School

An essay is a detailed writing about a given topic where you are allowed to give your opinion as well. It is not a difficult task although it does require practice. A person who is in habit of writing will definitely be better than anyone else. Following steps can be taken to avoid mistakes while writing an essay.

Concentrate on punctuations

Punctuation marks should be taken care of. When you are submitting something to your higher authority it reflects how intellectual you are. Wrong punctuation marks give the wrong impression, as punctuations are something that even a third class kid can make.

Don’t make judgments

While writing no judgments can be made. Whatever is being written should be neutral. It should be in a way that will hurt any reader’s sentiments. It should not be offensive in any way.

Don’t make broad generalizations

Usage of words like ‘everyone’ and ‘nobody’ should be done. As you are no one to make a decision for all. Every person is entitled to have their own view and many would differ from what you perceive things to be.

Have a clear thesis

Before writing a good research should be done. All the concepts must be cleared. The outlining and organizing should also be done. There should be an impact full thesis prepared so that no one challenges what you have written.

Don’t cross the word limit

For every particular assignment there is a word limit provided. The reason behind the word limit is to not to make the passage too long, which may get boring. The word limit should always be met. It should neither be exceeded nor be decreased.

Clear the guidelines

Before writing you must read all the guidelines well enough. There should not be any chance of making mistakes. Hence, reading the guidelines is very important.

Correct usage of words

The words should be placed correctly. Sometimes there are some homonyms, which are not placed correctly. Mistakes like these should be avoided as they completely change the meaning of the sentence.

Not revising

This is a general mistake that students make out of over confidence. But they must understand that revising is very important before final submission.

Too much information

Although the passage is supposed to be descriptive yet too much information is not liked by anyone. Moreover too much information will come in way of word limit.

Hence, all these points can be followed to avoid making mistakes while writing n essay for high school.