How To Find A Strong Persuasive Essay Example

If you're struggling to write your paper you can look for samples.

  • Sample papers are one of the best ways for you to really understand what is expected of your next paper.
  • When you review a sample paper you can familiarize yourself with a particular writing style that you might not have understood before you started.
  • For example, if you were given a particularly challenging essay topic, you may not know what is expected of you, or how you should lay your argument. But by reviewing a sample you can figure all of that out immediately.
  • Reviewing a sample paper can really help you. Example papers can give you insight into the style and the tone that is appropriate for your particular writing style. If you are able to procure a sample from your teacher, that is even better.
  • Every teacher is different. And while they might provide you with a grading rubric, you might not know what your teacher in particular considers to be worthy of a high-grade. But if you review a sample from your teacher of a paper that they graded years before, you can see exactly what they consider to be the perfect paper.

Once you have reviewed your paper samples, you are ready to get down to business and research the topic.

After you have completed your research it is time to get organized. In this instance, the organization refers to the organization of your paper. This is done with an outline. Far too few students recognize the importance and the usefulness of an outline. But an outline is there to help you play with the presentation of your arguments and find the best format. With an outline you can use's or bullet points to list all of your key ideas. You can then list the supporting evidence you have beneath each key idea. This gives you a great way to visually see how your arguments are laid out and what's supporting evidence you have. In some cases you may find that a particular idea lacks an adequate amount of evidence. If you see this in the outline, you know that you need to research more to find mores supporting information. It is important that each of your core paragraphs within the body of your arguments have roughly the same number of quotes and/or statistics. With the outline you can see this immediately. If a particular paragraph is quite large, you can cut it down into two. If another paragraph is quite small, you can find more evidence to support it.