How To Choose Catchy Analytical Essay Topics: Helpful Advice

The students of the 21st century are so lucky as compared to the children of even the late 20th century in all kinds of ways that have to do, mostly, with learning and technology. Today’s students have limitless, quality internet resources and the best in library databases they can access remotely from their own home, turning any students room at home or in their dorm into the equivalent of a study carrel in the Harvard University Library—an enviable place to be in terms of quality of research, literature, and scholarship – a room any student wants to be in when they compose an essay, research paper, master’s thesis, or dissertation.

And it is not only easy to find quality information today, it is also easy to find quality essay topics, from the unique to the conventional. There are all kinds of ways to find unique, catchy analytical essay topics. Let me discuss a few and suggest a few topics as well.

Make Your Google Searches Count

Google searches do not have to be boring. You can make them as unique as the kind of content you want to find or discover. For example, why not find out about some unique topics essay contest winners have written about in the United States? Or other countries? You could even particularize this search to state wide essay contests. You could search for national essay contest winners in the Untied States or other nations. Or you could even find out unique topics that international contest winners or world wine essay contest winners have discussed too. Or try simply search for the exact content you are looking for—but one thing, do particularize it by at least the scholastic level you are at—for examples, “award wining 8th grade writing contest winners” or high school writing competition winning ideas” or “state wide winning high school essay contest winning essays” and then you might not only get ideas for content but you can also read these papers/essays to help you improve your own essays as well.


Also, try Reddit. You can find out all kinds of essay topics on this highly unique search engine that can teach you a thousand new things every day.

Titles and Uniqueness

Also, make your title catchy, not just your content—try a two-part title such as From Blue to Black: Opiate Pill Regulations Lead to More Heroin overdoses worldwide.