A List Of 33 Persuasive Essay Topics For 4th Grade Students

Writing a persuasive essay is an important part of the life of a student that you cannot do without. Because of this reason therefore you need to try and make sure that you know which topics you can easily write on. There are some topics that are designed carefully in such a way that 4th graders are able to handle them. At this age, teaching the kids how to write these essays makes it easier for them to develop into resourceful young people who have the capacity to think on their own, and to write very good papers with as minima guidance as possible.

Herein are some persuasive essay topics that you can write at this level.

  1. Spending time with family during snow days is amazing
  2. Too much money encourages irresponsibility
  3. Parenting classes should be given to teenagers
  4. There should be special courses in high school for sciences and arts
  5. Abandoning pets should be punishable with jail time
  6. Children should be rewarded for good grades
  7. Homework burden needs to be reduced
  8. There should be limitations to free speech
  9. Magazine advertisements are unhealthy
  10. More women should strive for powerful positions
  11. The importance of penmanship
  12. Etiquette should be taught in schools
  13. Benefits of long hair over short hair
  14. Should racial slurs be punishable as capital offences?
  15. Recycling should be made mandatory
  16. Introduce stronger controls to gun ownership
  17. Allow children to read more
  18. Internet access should be free
  19. All students should have the chance to study abroad
  20. Annual driving tests need to be mandatory
  21. Using cell phones when driving should be punishable by time in jail
  22. Schools must start and implement bullying awareness campaigns
  23. Bullies must be kicked out of school
  24. Parents of bullies should be fined
  25. School year: should it be longer or shorter?
  26. Should students have to put on uniforms?
  27. Prices of cigarettes should be increased
  28. Smokers must pay health tax
  29. People who dodge child support must be jailed
  30. Carpooling should be encouraged
  31. Should pets be allowed in school?
  32. At least one parent should be allowed to work from home
  33. Products made from animal skins must be banned

Try writing on some of these topics and expand your knowledge.