Strong Essay Topic Ideas In Geography: 14 Fresh Titles

Geography can be an interesting topic to write about. If you consider the earth and all its composition, there are a lot of spectacular facts and theories to uncover and expound upon. There are marvelous wonders and alarming eruptions in the balance of nature. When you write your paper your information must be valid, authentic and use recent proof even if the theory is an ancient one.

Here are some topic ideas you can use to begin your search for the perfect topic for your essay. Remember your paper must be both original and unique. This means you can take a topic from a list and put a twist on it that makes it your own.

  1. Think about a certain geographical location and discuss the major factors which work together to influence climate change in that area. Study the effects of ocean currents, elevation, the position of latitude and longitude, and the distribution of water and land in the area.
  2. Explain how earthquakes occur in general, but narrow it down to one specific area of interest. How does the past seismic history of this area compare to current activity and future predictions?
  3. The geographical information system (GIS) can be used to help determine the true location of an area. What is the role of the GIS in obtaining digital data? How can this data be used or interpreted in integrated ways?
  4. Study a certain volcano or series of volcanos. What is an eruption? Why is it expected in that area and how often does it or should it occur? How many of these volcanos are in the geographical location? What contributed to their formation?
  5. Upon what principles do Sextants operate in identifying your position on the Sea? Are they accurate? Should you use the stars for direction or trust the Sextant?
  6. How does the principle of relativism apply to geography? Study a specific example and give the pros and cons of using this principle.
  7. Coastal erosion is an issue along some coastlines. How does this phenomenon affect a sandy coastline verses an open one? How much of the population of the world lives along coastal zones?
  8. Is global warming still an issue and is there any indication the process has accelerated or been slowed down? What consequences lie in store for planet earth?
  9. How does a flood affect a community?
  10. How do landslides affect the shape of the earth?
  11. What places on earth are most likely to experience landslides?
  12. How do tornados affect the landscape? What geographical regions are most likely to experience them and why?
  13. What place on earth has the most wind? Can this be harnessed as a viable energy source?
  14. How can stop frame animation be used to model processes in geography?