18 Good French Literature Essay Topic Ideas For High School

French literature is one of the most interesting subjects in the arts. France is one of the most intellectually mature nations of the world when it comes to literature. The following are 18 good French literature essay topic ideas for high school students, some with brief explanations to them:

  1. The Evolution of French Literature: Literature in France has come a very long way, and this topic travels down history to trace the wonderful evolutionary trend of French literature.
  2. The Works of 19th century French Literature: 19th century remains a very important epoch in French literature. This topic focuses on the most important works of that era.
  3. Prominent Figures of French Literature: French Literature cannot be what it is today without the contributions of certain figures and personalities. A topic as this outlines these figures and their respective contributions.
  4. A History of French Literature: France is very rich in history, and its literature is one of its proudest chapters. No single topic can exhaustively deal with this topic, but it is surely a good start.
  5. Global Impact of French Literature: French is one of the most widely-spoken languages on earth. What is the impact of this across the globe as far as French literature is concerned?
  6. Literature and the French Economy: Arts and culture have contributed in no small measure to the economy of France, and this topic focuses specifically on the contribution of French literature to the economy of the country.
  7. An Interplay of Literature and Culture in France: Literature and culture cannot be separated in France. The interplay of the two over time has caught the interest of many researchers and professors.
  8. French Literature in the 20th century
  9. The French, Literature and Europe in the 18th century
  10. Studying Literature in France
  11. The Effect of Literature in French Colonies
  12. Colonial France and The Impact of Literature
  13. French Military History and Literature
  14. Formation of French Values under the Influence of French Literature
  15. Literature across the Various Regions of France
  16. The Economic Value of French Literature
  17. Education and French Literature
  18. French Literature Today

These are just a few of the numerous topics that are related to French literature. Any high school student can make use of any one of them or better still, drive more inspiration and insight from taking a look at them all.