20 Interesting Narrative Essay Writing Prompts For 9th Grade Students

To write a good narrative essay, you must first understand what they are: essays that tell a story, often from the author’s point of view. When choosing a subject for your narrative paper, it’s obviously important that you pick and interesting and compelling story. Can you think of a time that someone told you a story about something you really didn’t care about, that was excruciatingly boring? Well, you don’t want your narrative paper to be that kind of story. A good approach is to choose a story that combines beautiful and detailed descriptions of the physical, with emotionally compelling aspects.

Here are 20 interesting narrative essay writing prompts for 9th graders:

  1. A time that you got lost and had to find your own way
  2. A time you were surprised by someone
  3. A strange interaction you had with a complete stranger
  4. An experience that renewed your faith in something
  5. A total disaster
  6. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you
  7. The most scared you’ve ever been
  8. A time you had to say goodbye
  9. A memorable journey
  10. An act of cowardice
  11. A time when you had a sense that you were at a turning point in your life
  12. A time when you were forced to stake a stand on an issue, even if you didn’t want to
  13. An experience that changed your mind about something
  14. An experience that change how you viewed someone close to you
  15. A day when everything went right
  16. A day when everything went wrong
  17. A time when you made a conscious decision to change your life
  18. The most surprising discovery you ever made
  19. A time when you distinctly remember feeling much older than you did the day before
  20. A time when things worked out exactly as you predicted they would

Writing a narrative essay is an exciting opportunity for most high school students, because it allows you to write about your own life and your own point of view. It can also be a scary experience for students, because it asks them to open up to their teacher and even classmates. But it is a great chance to explore your voice as a writer. Incidentally, it is also excellent practice for writing a college application essay for the future.