Top 20 Fresh Argumentative Essay Topics About Vegetarianism

When you have been set with the task of writing an argumentative essay about vegetarianism, it can be very easy to rework some of the essays that you may have seen as samples, but a lot of other students will be doing that!

You need to look at some of the fresh ideas that will give the reader something to think about, something that they have not read before, you may find that this list of ideas may help or you may choose to get some professional assistance or both!

20 Fresh ideas

  1. The importance of eating vegetables. We all know that it is important to eat vegetables, but do we really know why? Discuss issues such as fibre and vitamins etc.
  2. Sourcing our food locally. Why is it easier to source food locally if you are a vegetarian than if you ate meat? Is it easier to source of is it just a myth?
  3. Understanding how food is produced. Eating a vegetation diet is easier to illustrate how our food is produced compared to how meat is 'harvested'?
  4. The medical aspect of vegetarianism. What are the medical benefits of following a vegetarian diet? Are there illnesses that we can avoid by being vegetarian?
  5. Can we truly be Vegetarians? Don't just focus on what we eat look at the beauty products, adhesives, clothing cooking stock and other animal by products.
  6. The impact on farming. If we all follow a vegetarian diet can the land produce more food per acre than and feed more people than if the land was used to farm cattle?
  7. What if we replaced one meal a week with a vegetarian option. Discuss the positive implications of replacing 1-2 meals a week with a vegetarian option.
  8. Why are people frightened of eating Vegetarian food? A lot of people do not eat Vegetarian food because they think it just vegetables - look at protein alternatives.
  9. The difference between Vegetarians and Vegans. Outline the differences between the two. Discuss preferences.
  10. Does following a Vegetarian diet help you to loose weight? Discuss formal research that has explored vegetarian option. Also look at commercials.
  11. Is being a vegetarian healthy? Are vegetarians really healthy or do they have to supplement their diet to get all the necessary nutrients.
  12. What is the downside to being vegetarian? Discuss the lack of selection when you eat out. Also look at the seasonal availability of some produce.
  13. Is a Vegetarian diet a low calorie diet? Vegetarian does not mean low calorie, if you look at India for example they cook with ghee (clarified butter) definitely not low-cal.
  14. Does being a vegetarian mean that you spend more time preparing your food? Possible because people take more care over their choices and food preparation.
  15. Why is eating meat bad for you? Is it really bad for you? Are their vegetarian substitutes that work just as well (nutritionally).
  16. Does being a vegetarian mean that you will never be obese? This option would need to be explored through research and statistics.
  17. When is a being a vegetarian bad for you? Ideally you need to discuss, sensible diets and menu planning.
  18. Does being a vegetarian also mean that you need to be careful what beauty products you use? Support of animals not being used to research beauty products.
  19. Try a vegetarian diet for a week. Offer your reader a challenge. Make a few suggestions . Highlight the cost as well as heath issues.
  20. Vegetarianism is it safe to adopt it? Look at the issues that surround the slowly adapting to a new diet in comparison to radical change overnight.