20 Winning Topics For An Expository Essay On Global Problems

Students across the world sit down to attempt their academic assignments of different types with or without their consent. Even if as a student, you are not interested in one assignment and do not wish to continue writing it, you do not have much choice. You have to submit your papers because your overall academic performance and grades are dependent upon them. If you do not have enough time or skill to compose a particular assignment, then you should try to look for some help. You can ask your siblings to help you write these papers or get help from a friend

An expository essay is the type of assignment where you have to explain something in particular. You need to use valuable information and reliable data to give required details about the subject under concern. It is best that you pick one aspect of the subject, which is less talked about and focus your entire assignment on that. Instead of looking towards addressing the whole subject, it is better to pick a part and narrow down the scope of your work. This brings value and relevance to your work

If you are to write a paper on global problems, then you should figure out what these problems are. For example, if only one country is facing unemployment, then it is not a global issue. However, if different countries and states are facing this issue then it is a global issue. Similarly, climate changes and the problems the entire world is facing are going to be part of global issues.

If you are not sure what should be the title of your essay on global problems, you should consider getting help from these ideas

  1. Terrorism and how to deal with it
  2. The success of anti-terrorist communities in fighting this evil
  3. Eradicating hunger and poverty from the world
  4. Increasing cases of child abuse and rape culture
  5. Is domestic violence relevant to financial crisis
  6. Global warming, what we can do about it
  7. Climate extremes what could it mean
  8. Ebola virus is there a cure
  9. How to eradicate corruption
  10. Economic recession
  11. Illiteracy and development
  12. High cost of education
  13. Should health be a public good
  14. Aliens
  15. Water on mars?
  16. The internet revolution
  17. Is print media losing its value
  18. Do we need to revive literature
  19. Unemployment
  20. Endangered species