How Do You Write An Argumentative Essay On Illegal Immigration?

Writing an argumentative paper can be a tough ask in itself. At that, if you are dealing with a sensitive issue like illegal immigration, there are many facets that you will need to deal with in succession. You will also have to consult a gamut of important resources and credible papers that have been written on the subject before you decide to make a call.

The moment you start punching the argumentative genre in a paper like illegal immigration, you will have to consider the alternative implications as well. The contradictory points of view will also need to be vocalized in the paper at the same time.

  • What is illegal immigration?
  • Illegal immigration is the outlawed trespassing of international borders. There are several people that make the most of the available rights and guarantees to settles in foreign countries as citizens. But all settlements that are not governed by these existing laws constitute illegal immigration.

    Illegal immigration poses some serious demographic problems to the host countries. Also, since such activity is undetected by the authorities, there are several criminal challenges that the native population might have to face in the midst of it all.

  • Some countries that are heavily affected
  • While there are numerous countries that are affected by the illegal immigration menace, the problem is really worse in some countries. There is acute shortage resources combined with shallow immigration laws that make the situation even worse. In this kind of a technical battle, a few things can be compromised. And this may include national security.

    Prominent examples include India and America as these two nations face continuous illegal immigration problems from Bangladesh and Mexico respectively. This is also the case in Tibet where Chinese forces have been infiltrating for a long time now.

  • Where do the resources come from?
  • The resources drained owing to illegal immigration have not been defined appropriately. There have been several instances of general plunder of resources and increase in the criminal index. Since there are no proper data on the infiltration, the local population of the host nation is generally taxed, often unknowingly.

  • The laws that are in place currently
  • There are several laws against illegal infiltration. The jurisdiction is generally divided between the state and the federal governments. You may choose to argue about the distribution of power between the governments in your essay.

  • What reforms would you suggest?
  • Suggest some reformative measures in your essay. Tell people whether there are some important issues that need to be discussed in the context.