Hypothyroidism is a little known disorder except for those who have tragically developed it. This disorder affects the thyroid glands in the neck causing the thyroid hormone to not be produced in sufficient quantity. Close to 4 percent of the populace of the United States suffer from this affliction. The disorder itself causes fatigue and physical ailments and a number of mental, and concentration problems as well. Hypothyroidism is often a very problematic disorder for many people so it is necessary to inform ourselves of this awful condition. In this article I will look at the symptoms of hypothyroidism, and its causes, the means for prevention.

Hypothyroidism literally Greek for “low thyroid” is disease with many symptoms. The most common of these symptoms are fatigue, poor concentration, constipation, poor hearing, and for females there is abnormal menstruation. There are a number of signs that indicate the appearance of Hypothyroidism in people. The most frequent are coarse skin, hair loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, and slowed pulse rate. These signs and symptoms affect people differently for, children, and for, elderly people there are different degrees of effects. For both men and women there is also difference in the effects women having their menstrual cycle disrupted by a heavy periods followed by light ones. The causes of Hypothyroidism are primarily rooted in the gland itself not functioning correctly and causing a deficiency of the main hormone the gland needs to work properly. The second main cause of Hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency an easily remedied situation but, one that affects Third World populations worse than more developed areas. Children born in less developed countries can have a higher chance of developing this if their nutrition or for newborns their mother’s nutrition is not well cared for. There are variations of Hypothyroidism all of which affect the level of the disorder itself. Most of these variations are dependent on the circumstances of the individual with the disorder based largely on their health and nutrition.

The way toward preventing Hypothyroidism begins with positive nutritional habits. In pregnant mothers this is especially true so that their children do not develop the hormonal deficiency that leads to the disorder. In order to maintain the proper hormonal balance needed to prevent the disease the primary method is eating foods with the proper level of iodine content. For those who have iodine deficiency that means adding iodine to food or eating foods with high iodine content. Changing your nutritional methods is certain to prevent this very debilitating disorder, and is one very important concern for all who are worried about their health.