Ideas For Academic Writing: What Are Good Descriptive Essay Topics

If you are looking for ideas for academic writing and specifically good descriptive essay topics you should note that Understanding the purpose of the descriptive essay is generally the first requirement to selecting the perfect topic.

So what is a descriptive essay?

This is a writing assignment where students are expected to describe something. Now this description can be one of a tangible item, a person, or even a set of instructions such as descriptions of baking at home or descriptions of taking a taxi to work. In most cases students are asked to describe something in a more creative or abstract manner. So this require students to really dig deeply into their creative side and to focus on content switch conjurers all of the five senses. In any particular work the more descriptive text used the better the description. Readers who are learning about the description of a flower will need more than just the word "pretty". The description will need to include what flower smelled like, what the flower looks like, how the flower was designed, what each petal may have looked like, what colors were used, what shape it held, and many other things. In this case the more descriptions available the better the final product.

So what are ideas of good essay topics?

A good essay topic is something which you are personally familiar with. It will be very difficult for you to describe a passion flower if you have never seen one in real life. The description require so many sensory details that reading about it or seeing it on a movie will simply not to fill the requirements. Something that is personal to you it's also a great idea for this particular task because the more personalized something is, such as describing your favorite food or describing a day that you were scared , the better quality the outcome will be.

Other examples of potential topics include the following:

  • Describe a time when you were very happy
  • Describe a time you had your first kiss
  • Describe a time that you were very frightened
  • Describe a time you had to learn a difficult life lesson
  • Describe a time that you are very embarrassed
  • Describe a time you had to learn a difficult lesson
  • Describe a time where you had to be very brave
  • Describe your favorite food
  • Describe your favorite place to read
  • Describe your favorite vacation spot
  • Describe your favorite city