The Most Important Things To Mention In A Definition Essay On Respect

Defining respect is possibly the most difficult thing to do as respect has different meanings in different societies. For example, in many parts of the Indian society, even adults who have reached the legal age for smoking or drinking hesitate to drink or smoke in front of their elders as it is considered as utter disrespect to the elders in those societies. However, smoking or drinking is not a social taboo in most of the European societies. Therefore, while writing an essay on respect, you need to keep these factors in mind.

You can define respect as a positive feeling for an entity or an individual. The reward you show to others and also yourself can be defined as respect. While holding others in high esteem is simply called respect, doing the same to you can be termed as self-respect. Therefore, you can define respect from both these angles.

One easy way to define respect is to go through the philosophical theories and beliefs that have defined respect and self-respect in myriad ways. You can study the works and theories of Immanuel Kant whose definition and explanation of respect has made inroads in the academic circles of discourse and debate. You can also find theories that oppose the theories of Immanuel Kant and bringing these theories into your article can be equally beneficial. Though demarcating a clear and unambiguous definition of respect is quite impossible, one thing is for sure. Respect is mutually understood and felt.

Respect needs to be earned and you cannot simply demand or claim respect from anybody. Keeping this in mind, you can draw examples from real life and define respect in a better way. You can also draw examples from case studies done by very senior psychological researchers. Respect is taught in both sociology and psychology classes and you can borrow ideas from both the academic disciplines and the published research works available in the public domain.

There are many historical events where respect and mutual understanding has led to many crucial decisions in warfare, policy making etc. You can study these historical events and start your essay from a historical event. Quoting renowned psychologists and philosophers also helps in writing a great article on respect.

If you want, you can download sample articles on respect from online libraries, forums and communities, social media sites, your college portal and elsewhere.