The Format For A Compare And Contrast Essay: Basic Points

A compare and contrast essay can be a lot of fun. You can decide what topics to pick and how many main points you wish to cover, but there are a few basic points that you must follow no mater what topic is selected.

Basic Points

  • Pick the argument-your topics need to be close enough to have comparisons, but different enough for you to find some contrasts. Make sure you pick topics that will have a lot of valid support.
  • Find valid references and support-now do a bit of research on the topic. Doing a few trial run online searches and some quick scanning should be enough to determine if your topic is good or not. You can do the heaving duty research after you write the thesis statement.
  • Write the thesis statement-now write the thesis statement. You should have checked to see the research pool for each of the points. If one is simply too weak, do not be afraid to change it out for a new one.
  • Then begin the outline-now begin to make a detailed rough outline. As with the thesis statement, do not be afraid to edit or to change the outline. It is called a working outline.
  • Begin your rough draft-now you can start writing. This paper will also be a rough run. You can change and edit later. Follow the outline that you composed. When it appears that you need research, go back and do some in-depth research at credible places.
  • Once you have finished the rough draft, if you are required to turn it in to your teacher do so. She will check it for you. If you do not have to submit it, then let it sit untouched for a while. Then proof it and also see if you can get friends and family to also help with proofing. New eyes often find mistakes easier.

Once your teacher has assigned your essay, use our tips to help you with the process. If you find you are still struggling, you want to seek help from a tutor or a writing company. A tutor will cost more, but you will get very personal help. A writing company is good since their specialty is writing. Just make sure you use one with good references and qualified writers and workers. Good luck with your compare and contrast paper.