The Top 20 Comparison And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

Life is one of choices. Thus, you need to develop an analytical mind and study the various pros and cons before arriving at a decision. People often choose one of these two options in all matters pertaining to daily life. A Comparison or Contrast essay is invariably an essay in which you compare two or more entities or contrast a few entities. You will have to necessarily highlight the similarities, and point out the differences.

Let us take a simple example. When you go shopping for a shirt, you compare the quality and see the difference in price amongst various shirts. You will understandably compare and contrast when deciding which higher study to pursue, which personal computer or laptop to buy, or which destination to go for your holidays.

While comparing or contrasting two different objects, writers have to point-by-point outline the similarities and differences. Some similarities will be so subtle that you have to exercise discretion to state whether they should be categorized as similar or different.

Before embarking on an essay on Comparisons and Contrasts, you are advised to note down the various similarities and contrasts. Then make your completed essay to have four different segments. Let us assume, you are comparing and contrasting two different hill stations for this year’s summer vacation.

Introduction - wherein you will acquaint the reader about what two locations you intend comparing for similarities and differences. Types of hotels and a comparison of the amenities available and nearby places (like beaches, shopping malls etc) you can spend time.

Cost – what concessions you can obtain and the cost-benefit analysis.

Conclusion – a summary of the ideas and your final recommendations.

Another method to organize your essay material is to elaborate the merits and demerits point by point. This is also known as alternating arrangement and this method will be more interesting to the reader.

There are several topics that come to mind when thinking of a Compare and Contrast study:

  • Cotton and Silk fabrics
  • Personal Computers and Laptops
  • Plastic Containers and Glass Containers
  • Gold Bracelet and Gold Bangle
  • Wooden Chairs and Cane Chairs
  • Hill Resort and Beach Station
  • Train Journey and Bus Journey
  • Round Table or Square Table
  • Democracy and Dictatorship
  • Allopath and Homeopathy
  • Indoor Games and Outdoor Games
  • Apartment and Independent Bungalow
  • Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
  • Vegetarianism and Non-vegetarianism
  • Humanities and Sciences
  • Movies and Stage Plays
  • Music and Dance
  • Fresh Food and Canned Food