20 Interesting Cause And Effect Essay Topics For 5th Grade Students

5th graders like to write content on interesting cause and effect topics. They need to be guided by seniors to read articles, newspapers and children journals for updating knowledge to write the cause and effect essays. Top 20 best topics will help 5th graders to write informative articles and write-ups. They must have easiness and comfort to write essays based on the current topics.

The Best 20 Cause and Effect Essay Topics for 5th Graders

  • Cause and effect of technology
  • Cause and effect of global warming
  • Cause and effect on environment pollution
  • Cause and effect on e-learning
  • Cause and effect on poverty
  • Cause and effect on unemployment
  • Cause and effect on internet
  • Effect of spurious drugs
  • Cause and effect of mistrust
  • Cause and effect of war
  • Cause and effect of smoking
  • Bad effect of alcohol
  • Bad effect of illiteracy
  • Cause and effect of child abuse
  • Bad impact of malnutrition
  • Causes of diarrhea
  • Cause and effect of television watching
  • Cause and effect of earth quake
  • Cause and effect of flood
  • Cause and effect of globalization

Choose the interesting Topics to Write the Cause and Effect Essay

In the cause and effect content, a fifth grade student should describe the cause and impact of any new invention, technology and device. However, as they are juniors, they should not be given odd topics which need deep explanation, and vast research to jot down the matter on the certain topic. Well, they are growing slowly to know about the changes in the environment. Right now, people are threatened due to the constant global warming. The earth is becoming a furnace. Heat increases rapidly to melt the under ground materials. The thick layers of ice start oozing to create a new problem for people to face in the future. Even earth quake or land slide is the bad effect of global warming. Interior sub plates of the earth seem to move fast creating the lacunae. Maybe there will be more devastating land slide to do the unprecedented damage to the earth. People have to modify their lifestyles. They have to use biodegradable products. They need to install solar panels and other green devices to prevent the side effects of global warming.

A 5th grade student has to find the possible reasons behind global warming and its side effect. In the concluding part they have to give couple of points to solve the problem. Cause and effect essays must have research oriented components for readers to.