Creating a Catchy Essay: Basic Rules to Be Observed

Catchy essays provide interesting perspectives on topics. This is when a writer is able to be creative with their topic and know what information will be of interest to readers. You need to be specific in selecting data to include in your essay. This is part of what makes it catchy. You want details to standout but are written in a manner that will grab readers and their opinions. An assignment like this may require a little more knowledge about your topic and an understanding in how to present your details in an unusual manner. Here are some points to think about and actions to observe when creating a catchy essay.

  • Write about something different than your interests. There are times you can present something catchy when you look at it from a different angle. In this case, if it is something new to you it may be catchy all on its own. You may not have to do much to make the content stand out, but you will need to know important details to make your work unique and original.
  • Study essays that have creative content. There are sample essays that really provide insight on how to make a topic catchy for an essay. Sometimes it is about word usage and how the writer is able to play around with ideas, concepts and opinions of intended readers. For others, it may be more about how something is described or viewed from the writer’s standpoint.
  • What do you think a catchy essay should have? You may need to stop and think about this for a second. What do you consider to be catchy? If you were reading someone’s work for the first time what would you expect to see from something considered as catchy?
  • Your thesis statement still needs to be provable. Even if your essay is working to make a statement, your thesis statement (main idea behind why the essay is written) needs to be provable. Your supporting evidence may be portions to help make your essay catchy.
  • Try to avoid writing about something common. In many cases you may not be able to be catchy with common topics. You would need to know something new or dramatic in order to make this stand out with an edge. Finding new and interesting information about your topic can be a good start.