Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay: 20 Good Topics Related To Business

Writing a compare and contrast essay requires choosing two matters or subjects, and then analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of one in relation or view of the other. Students will go on a fact finding mission to determine how the two relate to and/or differ from each other. The essay aims at providing readers with a clear understanding of which business alternative is best in a variety of aspects –including and not limited to cost effectiveness. It is important for the writer to choose a topic that provides the reader with two distinct issues to be contrasted and compared. Here are topics to consider in writing business compare and contrast essays.

  1. E-commerce verses traditional business models: This forms a topic that is relevant to many companies today. It helps answer the question whether or not the advantages and challenges of modern business models make them more viable methods compared to traditional ones
  2. Mergers verses acquisitions: Companies use these two channels to venture into new markets, expand and/or foster competitiveness. Which one will be cost-effective in achieving the goals?
  3. E-marketing verses traditional marketing models: This topic is in the mouths of marketers to date. Since the goal of business is to make profits while advancing specified goals, it is necessary for a firm to pursue the most cost-effective channels
  4. Sole-proprietorship verses partnership business: An important issue to consider for those willing to start businesses
  5. International verses local business:
  6. On-site customer care services verses outsourced customer care services
  7. On-site labor verses out-sourced labor: Much is being talked about the advantages of outsourcing, but can every firm outsource? Is outsourcing helpful in accomplishing all types of tasks, for instance?
  8. Social media marketing verses traditional marketing models: The coming of the internet has led to revolutionary ways of boosting marketing, and use of social media in marketing is increasing. Which marketing challenges cannot be removed by use of social media marketing? In writing a compare and contrast essay, one can also ask what new challenges have been introduced with the coming of social media marketing
  9. Multinational firms verses international firms: Some firms have international operations, but they cannot be classified as multinational firms. What is the difference?
  10. Monetary rewards and recognition verses non-monetary rewards and recognition
  11. Use of IT communication verses traditional methods of communication in business
  12. Business administration modes verses leadership models
  13. Online payment systems verses traditional payment methods
  14. Virtual business office verses physical businesses office
  15. Young verses experienced labor force
  16. Full-time labor force verses part-time labor force
  17. Fostering teamwork performance models verses individual performance models
  18. Investing in employee training verses hiring trained employees
  19. Online customer management systems verses traditional customer management systems
  20. Telemarketing verses television ads