The History of Boston Red Sox

The history of Boston Red Sox in American Major League Baseball is rich and eventful. As one of the greatest team to ever grace Baseball pitch, Boston Red Sox place in the history books is well secure. After it was formed in 1901, Boston Red Sox immediately became popular among the fans majorly due to its immediate success on the pitch. Between 1903 and 1918, Boston Red Sox won five World Series, indicating its early dominance. However, after the 1918, Boston Red Sox went through a period of relatively little success in what is attributed to the “Curse of Bambino”. Probably one of the most interesting stories in the Red Sox rich history, the “Curse of Bambino” saw the club relegated to the lower echelons of the game for years, and fail to register any meaningful success until 2004. The “Curse of Bambino” started in 1920 after the Red Sox owner sold the then fans favorite George Herman Ruth, aka Babe Ruth or Bambino to rivals, New York Yankees. By that time Boston Red Sox was the most successful club thanks in large parts to Bambino, who played as a pitcher. While the Yankees went to become the world most successful club by winning 26 world championships, Boston Red Sox lost in game seven in each of the only four World Series featured from1918 to 2004.

The nature of the club’s unexplainable defeats, epic collapses and the stories of near misses made many people to believe in existence a curse. In the seventh game of the 1946 World Series, Red Sox lost to Enos Slaughter’s “Mad dash” in a contentious manner against Saint Louis Cardinals. The next time Red Sox appeared in the World Series in 1967, it was against the expectations of many in what was referred to as “The Impossible Dream”. However, the club could still not win in the seventh game of the series. Red Sox would then appear in the World Series in 1975 against Cincinnati Reds, but fail to win the title amidst many controversial events. In 1986 World Series, Red Sox played against New York Mets in highly contested games, only to succumb to a late error by Bill Buckner in game seven. However, Red Sox broke the by beating Yankees to the American League Championship in 2004. Red Sox seems to have return to its early dominance by winning the World Series further two times in 2007 and 2013.