How To Come Up With 4th Grade Opinion Essay Topics

An opinion essay will work best when based on a really good title. Therefore, it is certainly a good idea to try and spend enough time thinking of a good topic to write about, rather than simply settling for one of the first ideas that you can think of. For example, you might think of a really bad idea, which turns out to be really difficult to write about, or might simply lead to you writing a poor quality piece of work. However, if you had spent just a few minutes longer brainstorming ideas, you might have come up with something much better, which you could have really enjoyed write about, and could have helped you to produce an excellent piece of work.

In order to think of good essay topics to write about, it can be good to think of what strong opinions you hold. In order to help with this, you might try and identify a variety of different categories, before thinking of relevant subjects related to those categories. Alternatively, you might choose to read newspaper or watch the news, so as to give you some ideas of things you might be passionate about. Equally, you might find some good ideas from the list below.

  • Tattoos do not look good and employees should be able to discriminate between people who have the, as individuals get tattoos out of choice, not necessity
  • People should be forced to recycle the household waste, and should be find if they do not comply
  • Speeding is dangerous and, therefore, car manufacturers should not make vehicles that travel faster than 100 miles per hour
  • Only God should be able to choose how life is determined and, therefore, human cloning and scientifically engineered genetic modifications should be outlawed
  • Teachers should spend a week going back to school every few years, so that they can experience the pressures the modern-day students under, so as to help you understand and therefore better teach young people
  • Social media is a waste of time and should be abolished
  • Summer is the worst season of the year
  • The minimum driving age should be increased, and young people should not be allowed to drive on their own until they have at least a year’s worth of experience
  • Vegetarians are just fussy eaters and should be prepared to eat meat when visiting other people
  • The British Royal family is an out-dated relic and waste of taxpayers’ money and should be abolished