Writing a basic 4-paragraph essay

To write an essay requires a certain understanding of format, style and even the expectations of the person who assigned the project or the most likely readers. The compilation of a 4 paragraph essay can be broken down into the following tasks.

Analyze the topic

If you have ben given topics to work from this step becomes even more critical. A misunderstanding of the topic or an omission of reference to one of the more subtle meanings can result in a substandard essay. Make sure you have looked at the topic from all angles even if you came up with it one your own.

Consider the most important points

Having considered the topic thoroughly, you can ask yourself what is most essential to it. Make a list, refer to it regularly and ensure that it covers everything. These points will be the meat of your essay.

Select the top two points

Rank the points that you came up with before and select the top two points. They will both be given their own paragraph. These will form the center of the essay. The other points should be divided between those two paragraphs based on which sides they are more supportive of. If a point seems not to suit either of the two major points well enough for inclusion, cast it aside.

Create an introduction

Introductions give the reader a chance to decide to read your essay out of interest rather than obligation. Make your essay reflect the points that were addressed in the body of the essay without rewriting them completely. It should prepare the reader for what’s coming next without being redundant and covering it all in detail.

Map out your conclusion

Conclusions are often confusing. The urge to summarize everything that went before is high and there are so many conflicting messages on the actual format a conclusion should take. To simplify things, devote your conclusion to tying up loose ends and plainly stating what you conclude based on the facts you stated in the essay. Refrain from including new points. These belong in the body. Placing them in the conclusion makes them seem like an after though or the result of improper lesson outline creation.

Four paragraph essays are really simple: two paragraphs for the intro and conclusion and two for the body. This makes them perhaps the simplest essay format possible and with clear instructions you should have no problem at all attempting this yourself.